It’s no coincidence that the most creative minds are usually the overthinking ones.
Worriers are usually the ones that make unusual connections between things and tend to see a situation from many different angles.
The problem: Anxiety over the unknown leads to indecision, procrastination, and paralysis. Too much effort funneled into thinking about “what could happen” is exhausting.
Adding to the problem: Advice from others, “Stop overthinking”. Then we put way too much energy into “stopping” or trying to force other methods to work, rather than trying to flow with our overthinkitivity to see where it takes us.
The Solution: Have faith in yourself.
Rationally, we ‘over thinkers’ know we think too much.
The trick is to be aware of our thoughts and channel our creative energy into doing – which is the best of all ways to learn. Most overthinkers consider themselves intelligent, it’s believing in that intelligence that matters.
Too many times doubt enters the equation, doubt of our abilities, our instinct, our judgment – while this is perfectly healthy and beneficial at times, too often it leads to getting stuck.
Therefore if we change the equation, we’ll change the results.
Overthinking – Doubts + Belief in Self = Boundless Creativity

Tell me your thoughts!

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