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The internet is sometimes a bad thing – it’s way too easy to see ALL the competition out there. 
When I was just starting out selling things online and trying to build a following – I saw how many people were out there already doing it, and have been doing it for years.
It’s like starting a race when there’s already a mass of people at the half way point.
But then I watched the Ted talk by Tim Urban. Tim was called to do a TED talk before everything was perfect. 
Maybe the trick is to be open to being successful before the success is actually seen. 
Maybe the trick is just to try, get better, and share along the way.


Hello! Thanks for visiting my wordpress site. Here you'll read about my life as a graphic designer/photographer/Step-Mom/ENFP/quirkster. Since I work from home, my worklife and homelife are intertwined. A lot of my posts will be about work/life integration. Ishare insights about project management, balancing family life, and a lot about moving forward when working with the most impatient client ever in the world (->myself).

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