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Good Feelings ’17


As 2017 gets closer (holy cow it’s tomorrow!) I’m having SUPER good feelings about it!  I’m feeling really good about the progress I made this year. Wow, what have I done?

The major milestones are: 

  • Solidified my identity as “Hello Holly Design”
  • Kept up with social media as such (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Joined and Uploaded designs on those make your own stuff sites (Society6, Design by Humans, Zazzle)
  • Joined UpWork and made a bit of money with clients (so far around $800)Developed a semi-consistent schedule of working from 8AM – 4PM and sometimes 7PM – 11PM
  • Made some really good contacts
  • Started posting here and on WordPress
  • Updated my portfolio often to where now it looks pretty dang good.
  • Developed a comic identity with me and my little spider friends

I’m feeling really confident about carrying over my progress into the new year.

In 2017 I’ll be focusing on: 

  • Developing a followingConnecting with other artists
  • Making a Video Blog
  • Bringing in at least $2,000/Mo on Upwork
  • Developing my skills as a Brand Identity Designer
  • Design different “Series” projects for the design it yourself sites (I’ve written down quite a few ideas, but haven’t gotten around to actually designing them)
  • Stay consistent with updates on Patreon, WordPress, and Twitter

Good things are in store for 2017! I feel like it’s going to be my “launch” year for me as a designer! Woot woot!


Hello! Thanks for visiting my wordpress site. Here you'll read about my life as a graphic designer/photographer/Step-Mom/ENFP/quirkster. Since I work from home, my worklife and homelife are intertwined. A lot of my posts will be about work/life integration. I'll share insights about project management, balancing domestic, and a lot about moving forward when working with the most impatient client ever in the world (myself).

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