Typographic Darwinism

I had a dream the other night that they outlawed typewriter style fonts. Q.Q It was tragic.
Every time I hear “I can’t read the font” when I use a script/brush/cursive/fancy font, here are the things I think but NEVER SAY. Ever. But this is my blog, so I can say whatever the heck I want!
Client/Other Designers:
Looks nice (obligitory compliment to prep for the ‘but’ ) BUT the font is hard to read…
Internal Thoughts: 
Why the HELL are so many typographers making all these great brush/handwriting fonts if there’s no client ANYWHERE EVER that will let me use them? 
Can people not read cursive anymore? 
Do you think the general population is really that dumb?
If someone can’t read the font – do you really want to do business with that person? Maybe you should cater to smart people who can read cursive/letters that don’t look like comic sans?
Survival of the smartest I say! Let the dummies buy other things.
Take a chance – Since it looks AWESOME AND DIFFERENT -just maybe- people will take more than a second to look at it. No, you’re totally right. I’ll just make it look ‘clean&modern’ like every other freaking design out there.
Don’t ever say cleanandmodern to me again. 
*Note: I know, I know. Being legible is the primary factor in communicating. I will always be learning – maybe I’m not quite “there yet” to know the rules well enough to break them. I understand fully why businesses want things to be legible and ordinary to reach the biggest audience. And sometimes, they don’t really mean “I can’t read it” they mean “I don’t like the way it looks.” Which is totally fine. But, I believe there’s value in weeding out the ordinary to attract the extraordinary. 

Tell me your thoughts!

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