Granny’s Coinjar

Surprise! I bet you thought my #thursdaythoughts were going to be posted on Thursday, right? Haha, fooled you!

Just kidding – I forgot. 
This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about my family, where I came from, and how it’s impacted my future.
My Granny’s birthday was this past weekend, so I’ve been thinking a lot of how she influenced the way I think. She’s a very elegant type of woman and it shows in the way she holds herself and talks.
When I was younger, I was really intimidated by her – which made the moments we shared together having fun 10 times more special. When she smiles or laughs, you know it’s genuine. One time, I managed to persuade her into playing Crazy 8’s with me. I remember her saying she thought it was going to be just a silly kids game, but it ended up having a lot of strategy to it and she really enjoyed playing it with me.
Fast forward to now, as an adult with a stepdaughter of my own, I see myself acting a lot like her. Granny was always pushing me to try new things and be independent – in a very not subtle way! I do the same with my stepdaughter and she’s told me Many times that she appreciates being pushed and the “tough love” (IE – when she asks me to do something for her, my typical response is, “Figure it out for yourself! You’re a big girl now!” I’m pretty sure those words came Straight from Granny).
I’m a pacifist and peace keeper by nature, so it’s a pretty big deal for me to Not help someone and come face to face with the possibility of confrontation. But I see the value in believing in someone enough to push them out there, believing they can do something. And then being supportive if they fail and encourage them to try again. My stepdaughter tells me she’s Much more independent since I came into her life because I don’t do things for her and push her to At Least Try.

My Granny never promised I’d succeed at the things I try, but I do remember her saying clearly, “You’ll regret it if you don’t try. Who knows, you might even enjoy it! What’s the worst that can happen anyway?” 

Imagine if we all lived with that attitude. 

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