What I’ve Learned During #Inktober



This was the first year I decided to participate in Inktober – a month where artists from around the world draw/ink/create/share one piece of art every day using either their own ideas, subjects, or the official Inktober Prompts. There’s a TON of talented artists out there and part of the fun of Inktober is having an easy way to connect with and be inspired by them.

I chose to do my own Inktober featuring my beloved spiders! Not actually my idea, my sister and fellow artist suggested it to me and it sounded like a pretty great idea. I had concerns at the beginning with my attention span and possibly being tired of spiders by the end of the month.

But, NOPE! I think I love spiders even more now. And I can’t deny everyday when I’d browse around for my new subject, just looking through the vast variety of species made me extremely happy.

A few things I learned in the process that I want to remember that carry over into other parts of life : 

  1. “Feeling like it” is completely over-rated.
  2. Even a half-hearted attempt at something completely new and different can be amazing. 
  3. Routines make it much easier to get in ‘the zone’. 
  4. I fight routines tooth and nail.
  5. Suspending judgement is the only way to get anything done.
  6. It’s easier to let go of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of doing things than I thought.
  7. It’s okay to be late, just don’t give up entirely. Get back on track in the middle of the night if necessary. 
  8. The middle of creating something is my favorite part.

Today is the last day of Inktober, and I am 5 days behind. Sometimes I have a problem with ending things – I don’t want it to end so I’ll drag it out. I think that’s what happened here. Oh well, I’ll catch up as soon as I can. These last 5 posts will be more artistic than accurate representations (you have no idea how I agonized about how many leg segments to show), especially since my #spidertattoo ideas seemed to be more liked than any of them. Check it out: instagram.com/helloholly_d

I have a similar daily challenge I thought of for November, but haven’t fleshed it out yet. #Staytuned .

Tell me your thoughts!

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