Notevember 7 : Schedule-Schmedule

Thanks to a very well timed comment on my last post, I had an epiphany.

Sometimes, I get very caught up with how things “should be done” rather than how they actually are in the real world. This idea of a ‘schedule’ has eluded me for so long because I can’t picture it, there’s Way too many details for me to remember and I rarely look at the clock.

Truth be told, I knew as I was writing it that it wasn’t going to work.
…but I’m Super Amazing at making lists.

After reading this blog post about doing the same thing over and over, I realized that I was repeating history. Sure, some of the details changed, but same basic formula of using the clock to chart my progress.
Tasking the cold-hearted, uncaring, beast of time to loom over me to make sure I do what I need to do. 

Time is an abstract concepts I’ve never fully been able to grasp – for many reasons, the biggest two being: I’m a very visual thinker, you can’t see time. And I’ve probably psyched myself up too much over it.

My worst nightmare: 
“What time is it?”
“A quarter past.” 
I *Am* however very good at seeking out patterns and following instructions.
So, disregard that last post about schedule making because I’m not making anymore schedules.


Instead I’ve mapped out my overview of my average day. (Unfortunately, I drew with a light pencil and couldn’t capture the awesome glory of it with my phone camera.)

I’ve decided I’m going to take this month of writing to really nail down what I want to keep consistent. Back in my second Notevember post I wrote “Goal for Today : Make daily / weekly / yearly goals” which, I quickly realized was not something one does in less than ten minutes.

Maybe I can do it in a month. So let’s change that to “Goal for the Month: Make Goals for Life”.
Totally not overthinking anything at all.

Tell me your thoughts!

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