Fear of Success

There can be an strong urge pull back when you see yourself getting closer to your goals.
Call it self-sabotage or fear of success or fear of the unknown, but it’s a real thing.

Created by You. 

Sometimes that thing we say we want to have, or do, or be is terrifying. Especially in this business.Do you want to grow? Then that means you’ll have more work, responsibilities and pressure.

We have to inch towards it so it’s not overwhelming and at the same time we want to dive in to get rid of our anxiety.

But there’s also the amazing things that happen – why we want it in the first place.
Whether it be something we always thought would be fulfilling to do or a real milestone to fulfill our life’s purpose.The best cure for anxiety is action.
The flying blind kind of action and hoping we won’t completely botch it.
Sometimes I have the urge to deliberately mess up just to confront that feeling to see what happens.
I rebooted my facebook business page and made an instagram dedicated to my business last year, and I was nervous about it for whatever reason. I knew I had to take a new photo to help with my brand (people love to see faces). I marked a day down in my planner (I really didn’t want to do it) and took some photos. None of them were great – but, a couple were passable and I just wanted it finished.
So I took it as the opportunity to ‘fail’ up front and posted it anyway to get me going. And it worked! Not only that, but I was eager to post something else to get that off the top of my feed.
Of course, the next day, I flippantly took a selfie to show off a product I’d worked on and the picture looked great.  …Probably because I was able to be natural and more focused on showing off this thing I was proud of creating.
When this feeling comes, we’re focused on ourselves. “How am *I* going to react?” “What can *I* do to prepare myself?” “Do *I* really want this?” “What’s wrong with *me*?” And not-so-slowly we shut the entire world out and feel completely alone and overwhelmed.

You’re not alone. Especially not with all the resources we have at our fingertips. Go through your emails, find that one that says, “You nailed it!” “I love working with you!” and ruminate on that instead of all the what-ifs. Go make one of those comments to someone you admire and aspire to be like. The important thing is to act, get out from under your own weight and feel connected to someone else and something bigger.

Just get started somewhere. Don’t admit defeat before you even try. You might surprise yourself! And that’s one of the best feelings in the world.

After you accomplish that ‘big thing’, it will start to seem small, and, guess what? You’ll look for more mountains to climb. Fast forward in your mind to that moment to when you’ve done that thing and you see it was never really as big of a deal as you thought.

Tell me your thoughts!

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