Card & Board Game Design Niche

When I started studying graphic design back in 2010, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. But it consistently pulled me in and made me curious about all the different facets of design : composition, typography, color theory, working with people, and the thought process that happens behind great graphic art. I figured that was a good sign.
Here I sit, almost ten years later, still doing it! In that time, I’ve worked on tons of logo designs, single graphics, pamphlets, catalogs, books, social media graphics, complete branding, package design, merch design, large scale print designs, and a bunch of on-off projects like powerpoint decks (YUCK – Never again). Every single project I’ve worked on has taught me something and helped me develop my skills as a designer. But the projects that constantly stick out in my mind that were the most enjoyable (not the same thing as easy!) were the game design projects.

Come to think of it, I completed a board game design the first year I started taking on projects. But, there was still so much I wanted to learn, I wasn’t ready to commit to one thing. So I ‘played the field’ taking on a bunch of random projects doing anything and everything.

Niching down feels a lot like getting married. I feel a sense of commitment to sticking to my new brand, and the other work I’ve been doing feel like they’ve been “Friend Zoned”. I think this is a good thing. I feel like this is a new level of love and authenticity for what I create.

And I already have some milestones I’d like to reach. Here’s a few projects I want to work on:
Games for the Elderly
Learning Games
Memory Games
Tarot Cards
A Spider Tarot 

I’m excited to dive into the logistics of how to make different games. We’ll see how this ‘plays‘ out! (oh, forewarning, there will be lots of gaming puns as I level up.) 

Some resources I’m using to learn more about Game Design, elements that are in demand, and strategies behind making games:

I’m going to be a bit more selective about who I choose as clients than I was when I worked as a generic designer, but am actively looking for projects. If you or someone you know is looking for someone to design and market a card or board game, send me a message!

Tell me your thoughts!

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