Why #Inktober?

My stepdaughter (who is one of my biggest supporters) asked me, “What is your purpose for doing Inktober?”

That’s a good question that probably a lot of people are asking. So, I thought I’d make a post about it.

3 Cool Things About #Inktober (and other design challenges):

1. Encourages Daily Creative Habits
I draw at (roughly) the same time every day (before or after dinner). I didn’t decide this, it just happened. If I know the evening is going to be busy, I draw around noon. I have no problem ‘just doing it’ because I’ve already mentally set aside that time.
Drawing is an important skill to have in graphic design and it’s also a good party trick.
**Side note: I was bored of doing Inktober by day 9, oh well, keep going!

2. Develops Drawing and Abstract Thinking Skills
For a fair amount of my projects, I have to think abstractly.
One of my primary clients asks for appreciate week logos for medical professionals that have Nothing to do with medical icons or literal representation of the words. That’s a challenge! Sometimes I sketch a few things out (usually to no avail), more often than I’d like, I rely on premade graphics and tweak them to my purposes. It’s a lot like cooking from a recipe that’s already half way started. My hope is if I become better at drawing abstract concepts – projects like these will be easier.

3. Inspires Connection with Other Artists
Inktober started in 2009 by Jake Parker to encourage positive drawing habits. By now, it’s well known so a lot of people participate. Inktober makes it especially easy to draw something every day because it’s an official thing and has prompts for everyone to follow. That means you get to see a Lot of different interpretations from the same word. (Even though, you don’t have to follow the prompts, it’s just more fun that way.)

So, that’s why I do Inktober.
But, that’s not what I told my stepdaughter.
I just said, “Because it’s fun.”

Follow my Inktober progress on Instagram or Facebook @HelloHollyDesign


Tell me your thoughts!

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