#Inktober2019 Completed!

See all my entries either on my Facebook page or Instagram: @HelloHollyDesign And please like the ones you like best!
I thought it would be much more difficult to complete Inktober. I think a big part of it was I put almost zero pressure on myself. The prompts were set, I knew when I wanted to draw, let whatever I wanted to draw come out and posted it. Easy Peasy.

There were some difficult prompts that took a while to think of something, but I’m pretty good at pulling the trigger and just going with it, and it worked!

I kept my focus simple :
Draw everyday, do my best, and post it. The end.

Things like, Is this good? Does this make sense? Is this good Enough? – all secondary. (Example: Part dino/part tank for “Inktober Day 20: Tread“)

I feel like I’m much more comfortable with drawing even though I may not be “faster” which was something I hoped would happen. Now I’m thinking that was an unreasonable expectation for 31 days! I did establish a really good creative habit though and can tell I’ve made progress on a skill level.

For November, I want to work on my coloring skills.
Color has always been difficult for me because there’s so many options and combinations, and that kind of decision making makes me want to scream. I’ll be posting a colored entry every day during November on Instagram @HelloHollyDesign – Some of these will be from Inktober. …. some of these will turn into T-shirts. 😉

Accomplishments from Inktober:
Connected with other Artists
Committed to a creative habit
Consistently did something
Developed a skill
Kept it simple
Got Inspired


Tell me your thoughts!

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